We have lived and continue to travel around the world. Our diversity of experiences would fill a novel. Where do we go to feed our soul, relax, unwind and feel at home with every aspect of the destination? Anywhere in Italy! We love many countries and travel to them as often as possible, but our hearts belong to Italy. Ingrid has traveled to Italy more than 20 times and always finds new experiences and adventures. Many of our recommended hotels’ managers/owners are personal friends we look forward to seeing as often as possible.

Whether you are interested in the initial introduction to Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, or are interested in exploring the Lakes, Veneto, Puglia, Sicily, Le Marche or Tuscany, Ingrid has been there and has the best partners, hoteliers, and experiences all available to you.

For our 40th anniversary in March 2017, we renewed our wedding vows on the rooftop terrace of a Florentine hotel, managed by a dear friend of almost 20 years, overlooking Florence’s rooftops, Arno River and the Duomo.

There are many unique and exciting corners of Italy to discover and Ingrid knows many of them.