DESTINATION FOOD & WINE – Tantalize Your Tastebuds


Experience your favorite cuisine, or ingredient, or wine in their place of origin!

  • Are you enamored with Brunello or Scallops,  French food or Truffles?
  • Want to plan an entire week or two around them?
  • Want to learn how to make a Soufflé or Pasta or Paella?
  • How about planning an epicurean trip to Burgundy with your wine club and really determine which vineyard & winery makes the best?
  • White wine your favorite? The French Alsace Region (we just spent a week there) makes some of the world’s best whites from grapes rarely seen outside of France!
  • The fresh seafood of Normandy, Veneto, the Mediterranean, North Sea and Scandinavia will easily take a week or more to investigate.
  • White and black truffle hunting with specially trained dogs / pigs can be arranged in several areas of Europe. Then, have a restaurant selected for you that specializes in dishes fragrant with truffle and paired with an appropriate wine.
  • Are you a beer afficiando? There are Octoberfest (takes place in September) locations beyond Munich (a fantastic experience, but not the only one). Touring and sampling in breweries from the 1300’s & 1400’s should not be missed. The home of Pilsner beer is in Pilsen, Czech Republic and happens to be Ingrid’s favorite beer.

Ingrid’s Travel by Design has personally experienced some of the best food, ingredients, and wine (and beer) the world has to offer and would be pleased to arrange your adventure to experience these for yourself.